From Stats to Widget, no hassle.

Amplidude links to your Amplitude accounts and lets you create beautiful widgets.
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Your Metrics at a Glance

Yes, you need a big screen to dive deeply into your analytics data.
But sometimes ,you just need a quick glance at specific metrics, like new daily users.
This is what Amplidude is for!
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Feature Highlights

Compact Graphs

Visualize your stats in glanceable chuncks. A simple way to get instant updates about your daily or weekly users, in a bar or a line graph.

Style your Stats

Every projects can be differently styled: select background and text color, a font and even a pattern. Make sure your widgets feel at home in the dashboard or in your iOS home screen.

Send them to your Home screen

Every tile can be turned into a widget, which you'll be able to add to your home or lock screen.

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Custom Fonts and Colors

Pick your tile font from a list of captivating fonts. Choose an original color.

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Use patterns

Enrich your tiles with subtle patterns: every project will get its distinct look & feel.

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